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Leila Milani, Program Director for Global Policy and Advocacy, provides an update on the protests in Iran and how women and girls are at the forefront of the fight for freedom.

Claire Kao, Communications and Advocacy Coordinator, writes about the challenges and continued work to prevent and respond to domestic violence this Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Futures Without Violence remains steadfast in our work to prevent and end domestic violence, and federal policy advocacy is an important component of that work.

Leila Milani, Program Director of Global Policy & Advocacy writes about the current demonstrations in Iran, and connects how “women are often the canaries in the coal mines for the erosion of freedom.” As Iranians take to the streets lead by women and girls shouting for freedom, Milani urges us to listen and amplify their voices.

Are you an employer or manager? Read our blog post for more information on what goes in to making a Workplace Safety Plan, and how you can help prevent violence for the people in your office or profession.

It takes courage to heal from violence, and call it what it is. Read our response to JD Vance’s statements implying victims are obligated to stay in violent marriages.

Today’s passage of the Build Back Better Act by the House of Representatives is truly a historic moment in our work to reduce violence, heal those harmed by trauma, and offer women, children and families lives that are safe, healthy and free from abuse.

In 2019, FUTURES was invited to participate in a collaborative exchange hosted by Right to Play Pakistan. Participants included a small group of leaders from U.S. based girls’ and youth empowerment through sport organizations as well as Pakistani organizations using or interested in using sport as a strategy to empower girls and young people.