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Emergency Response to COVID-19


at the doctors

Guidance and Recommendations to Address System Weaknesses:  

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted a lot of Americans, exposing vulnerabilities in our school, health, mental health, employment systems, among others. Many families have since struggled in the face of loss of  loved ones, loss of economic stability, and for some, prolonged exposure to an abusive partner or to violence. For too long, these system weaknesses have been the daily reality for many families in the margins. 

Since lockdown in March 2020, domestic violence cases rose 8% in the U.S.

It is essential that in our COVID-19 response and support for communities, we double our efforts in preventing and addressing domestic and sexual violence, and commit to improving our systems to effectively support families. The pandemic caused and is causing massive amounts of trauma and inequalities but with proper investment and community integration, we can begin to address and heal from it. 

Building Back Better For Children and Families: A Transition Memo

FUTURES recommends the Administration focus on sysems, science, and settings in its governing plans so that every child, family, and community can heal from adversity and thrive. It is essential if we are to prevent future violence, advance racial equity, and ensure that our most vulnerable families are able to recover post-COVID. 

California Road Map to Ending Domestic Violence

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that we must double our efforts in preventing and addressing domestic and sexual violence. Throughout this Road Map, FUTURES seeks to center the experience of those who have been marginalized by proposing strategies that address systemic and social inequalities that contribute to unequal health outcomes.

American Rescue Plan (ARP) – Emergency Funding to Address COVID-19 

The record breaking economic investment to address the pandemic includes a lot of great opporutnities for community investment, integrated services, and violence prevention.