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The Dobbs Decision


protester at supreme court

Statement of Esta Soler,
President and Founder, Futures Without Violence
June 24, 2022
Contact: Lisa Lederer, 202/371-1997

Supreme Court Ruling in Dobbs Case Will Cause Real Harm to Those Facing Violence and Abuse, Undermine Work to Make Families, Communities Safer and Healthier

“Today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization will cause real harm to those who are seeking an abortion who are denied access to this basic health care, with people who have experienced rape, incest and domestic violence sure to suffer greatly.

By giving state lawmakers license to deny pregnant people the health care they need, the Court has denied millions the ability to decide when it is safe and when they feel ready to have a child, putting many women, trans people and children in harm’s way. Intimate partner homicide is a particular risk during pregnancy. Homicide during pregnancy and shortly thereafter is the leading cause of maternal mortality. For Black victims of intimate partner violence and among girls and younger women (age 10– 24), the risk is especially high.

Even for survivors of violence and abuse not at immediate risk for homicide, forced parenthood with an abusive partner is cruel and can contribute to adverse consequences for parents and children for years to come. Reproductive coercion, including birth control sabotage by abusive partners, can cause unintended pregnancy, as can child sexual abuse.

At Futures Without Violence, we stand with every person seeking abortion care, and those who provide it. Limited access to the full range of reproductive health care has already been a reality for too many, and we fear the end of Roe v. Wade will further limit the possibility of a safer life and a future without violence. So we will redouble our efforts to build awareness of the connection between violence and reproductive health. We will continue opposing efforts by state lawmakers to take personal decisions out of the hands of those most affected by them. And we will continue pressing for the supports parents need to support their families, but not enough lawmakers prioritize, including health care, child nutrition, housing, paid leave, affordable child care, quality jobs, gun safety and more.”

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