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United States vs Rahimi


No Guns for Domestic Violence Abusers. 

Gun violence is ravaging our country at deadly rates, making a trip to the grocery store, to church, or the movie theater dangerous. Gun violence and mass shootings make our schools unsafe for kids, and our homes unsafe for victims of domestic abuse. 

The current case at the Supreme Court, United States vs Rahimi asks the question: can those with protective orders have a gun? Experts in the field, physicians, pastors, children, and survivors shared their expertise with us, calling for the Court to protect survivors with its ruling. Our own Policy Advocate, Tiffany Garner, shared how the intersection of gun violence and domestic violence can leave lasting impacts on our children that will follow them for their entire lives. And devastatingly, many don’t survive when gun violence occurs.

We owe our children more. 

We gathered with partners, friends, allies, and survivors of both domestic abuse and gun violence to say emphatically: no guns for domestic abusers. 

We know the statistics, when guns are present during a domestic violence incident, the odds that it will turn fatal for the victim increase 5x. And even worse, we know intimately the stories of those who survived and how their lives are forever changed because of the abuse they experienced, and the horrifying violence they endured and survived. 

We stand with our partners to say it’s time to protect survivors. It’s time to be courageous. No guns for domestic violence abusers. Full stop