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Gun violence poses an immediate and deadly threat for American communities, impacting everyone, particularly women and kids. Here at FUTURES, we are dedicated to preventing gun violence, and ensuring everyone has access to a safe future.

Every seven minutes a child dies as a result of violence and half of all children globally (1 billion) are victims of violence each year. The Strengthening Efforts to End Violence Against Children Act (SEEVAC) will update and strengthen existing U.S. Government efforts to end violence against children, improve interagency coordination in addressing violence, and promote the use of evidence-based strategies and information gathering capabilities.

The bipartisan RISE from Trauma Act would make a big difference in the lives of families and communities most impacted by trauma. It would invest in the tools necessary for communities to recognize and coordinate services to prevent and address the effects of trauma.

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act is the cornerstone of the nation’s efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect. First passed in 1974, CAPTA provides grants to states to prevent child abuse and neglect, improve how systems respond to it and funds small amounts of training and research on how to reduce maltreatment.

The Child Tax Credit provides critical support to survivors of domestic violence. For families with children, the importance of the monthly CTC payments cannot be understated – it allows them to meet their families’ basic needs, reduces hunger, keeps families in their homes, and diminishes daily financial stress.

VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) funds numerous victims services programs across the country, from shelters to advocates for survivors. It is facing 40 percent cuts as Congress determines funding for fiscal year 2024. Join us in protecting VOCA funding, and programs for survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault.