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Policy & Advocacy Center

Working through its Washington D.C. office, Futures Without Violence seeks to influence public policy aimed at preventing and ending violence in the U.S. and around the world. We want to heal those among us who are traumatized by violence today, and create healthy families and communities free of violence tomorrow.

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Latest News

There is a lot happening in the U.S. and around the world. Find here breaking news, new publications and what FUTURES and the Policy Center are doing in response to current events to end violence.

This September, we’ll be honoring and centering survivors in the workplace, and exploring why economic justice is survivor justice. This month we’ll cover four different topics, with new information and resources coming out each week on Wednesday to include:

  • Child Care
  • Survivor Leadership in the Workplace
  • Trauma Informed Workplaces and Managers
  • Sabotage for Survivors in the Workplace
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Take Action - Keeping Girls In School Act

Call On Your Members Of Congress To Cosponsor Keeping Girls in School Act
Let’s resolve to help create a world without bias, stereotypes and discrimination – a world in which all women are free and equal and all of us can live in peace
2 out of 3 children
are exposed to trauma and violence during childhood
1 of every 3 women globally
will be beaten, raped or otherwise abused during her lifetime

Who We Are

The Futures Without Violence Policy Action Center is a small and mighty team of advocates, policy advisors, and good troublemakers seeking to end violence and help those impacted heal. FUTURES, then the Family Violence Prevention Fund, opened its first Washington D.C. based public policy office over a decade ago and will launch its new Center for Policy and Action in 2023.
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Our Policy Agenda

Our current policy goals center amplifying the voices of and healing those most impacted by violence and helping prevent violence to those at risk, both abroad and at home. This includes resources and programs for survivors of violence and children who have been exposed to violence. Our work seeks to prevent violence before it happens, and to us, that includes investment: investment into housing, child care, effective and quality training, supports for families, and economic opportunity. We also focus on uplifting girls around the world to access their full potential and agency, through access to education, leadership opportunities, and seats at the political and civic table.